The 2018 Infinite Flight Community Awards | The Results


The 2018 User of the Year is…


@DeerCrusher, also known as Matt, joined the Infinite Flight Community on September 9, 2016 just as one of you. He quickly rised through the ranks as he bacame a Regular just 5 months of his initial join. He made such a great connection with that he was voted and awarded 2017 User of the Year in January of 2018. Within that same month, Matt became something most will never achieve, a Moderator. It’s been nearly a full year now since Matt became a moderator and clearly he is doing something right! He has gone above and beyond his duties by connecting with tons of members within the forum, cracking a few jokes time to time, and becoming one of the biggest leaders on IFC. He is always there to help our new members, and even our regular members. He is a very special person that has deserved this award for the second time in a year row. From myself, Matt, and the entire Infinite Flight Community, Congratulations @DeerCrusher!


2nd: @Balloonchaser
3rd: @anon93248082


Congrats Matthew! Enjoy taking the pride over to Pompano Beach! I was just in that area of the world… ;)


Congrats @DeerCrusher :)


Congratulations @DeerCrusher! You are BY FAR my absolute most FAVORITE mod.
Ik I already congratulated you but still, amazing!!!


Congrats both Deer And Balloon you two deserve it for sure!!


Congrats DeerCrusher! Well done to the runner ups as well, @anon93248082 and @Balloonchaser. You both certainly deserve it!


Do we get the forum based awards for topics at any point?


Congrats @DeerCrusher! @DeerCrusher, you are a great moderator, thanks for all that you have done on this forum!


Sorry to be rude but i have never heard of this user or seen them so how did they get 3rd but still well done to them.


He/she must’ve gotten 3rd because people voted for them :)


Congrats to everyone who won awards! Special congrats to DeerCrusher, Balloonchaser, Nate, Swiss and Blu for the YT videos! :)


That was a community member who left the community a few days ago due to personal reasons.


Just wondering, was there a survey where IFC users were able to vote, or was it a private survey extended to the most active 250+ members?


There was a public IFC vote before Christmas, The 2018 Infinite Flight Community Awards | Voting for Part 3!