The 2018 Infinite Flight Community Awards | The Results


Yes by the

J2S university of hosing and talent


We would like to see some of your past hosting work. They more you have, the more likely we are to consider taking this under consideration.



Ok cool I’ll keep that in mind


So who was the IFC user of the year?!?!?!?


That person has not yet been announced.


4tH oF jAnUaRy


We already have a organization hosting next years awards. I am sorry


Let’s thank @Plane-Train-TV for doing the awards. Though painful it may have been, it turned out good. 👏


Its the 6th of January, when will the ‘User of the year’ be announced


Be patient. He’s the only one running this. He’ll get to it soon.


Oh ok cool


Can we have the user? Is there a specific problem, or just it needs time?


@system won user of the year.

Case closed 👏✌️


Or was it @discobot? 😏😉


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


Look how helpful you are.


Or… @discobot fortune, when will the user of the year be released?


:crystal_ball: My reply is no


That answers it though ;)


I’ll post it now. Sorry for the 3 day delay. I was never on my device ls really the entire time