The 2018 Infinite Flight Community Awards | The Results


Calm down a little mate. Nobody here is criticising your efforts here, you’ve done a smashing job at putting these awards together, having the results added and marked, you’ve done everything you can to make these results as fair as possible. Not a single person here has said “awh your awards are crap and they suck”.

The criticism here is going out to those that voted, based on who is the most popular here, as opposed to who is actually better. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled you all value me as the greatest artist here: that’s truly an honour. However I voted for Brandon. Not many people know Brandon, but lots of people know me, which is I’m sure, a contribution to my success.

Same with a couple of other members. It’s not your doing, it’s just the community. Calm down a little bro and don’t take it too personally… We’re all waiting for the next set of awards after all 😉


I just texted you privately but I also want to make that statement here:

You put a lot of effort in those awards, no one can miss that. I really like the idea of it. It’s bringing the community closer together. At the end it’s hard to differentiate whether a vote was made based on popularity or opinion, but you’ll always have that and it doesn’t really matter because you can’t effect this. You’re the creator of it and you did a good job 😊

I’m looking forward to the 2019 version.


Congrats to everyone on winning these awards


Congrats everyone, you all deserve it!



Also definitely rigged. My fellow IFATC can confirm


Don’t be a sore loser Rocco.


I’m so proud of BAVA


How can I be a sore loser when I wasn’t in the running for any of those two 🤔


Couldn’t agree more! @Adam_Williams @Matt and @BluePanda900 winning? pfft


Most of us are just having a laugh, man! It takes a huge amount of work to do this and you’ve spurred some really fun convos as a result. Don’t take it personally. Job well done.


Congrats to all of the winners!! and to the runner ups, we appreciate all of your hard work.

It’s cool to see IFAE-GAF as the best virtual organization. I’m so happy that I can be a very small part of such a stand out group of IF aviators. G A F!!


@Plane-Train-TV Sorry if you feel we are not giving you any credit for your work.I gotta admit you do a superb job doing stuff like this.Like how Jason said we are just cracking couple jokes.Keep up the good work my man!


Right, can you release the user from your prison now? It’s January 4th😂


No need, its obviously me. 😂


Voting @callum5124 as funniest user of the year because I laughed so hard at that assumption 😉


Hey @Plane-Train-TV! You gonna announce the User of the Year or what? It says the person should have been announced yesterday.


Hopefully the User of the Year gets released.

But for now, we need patience as this responsibility for IFC Awards has put a great load of stress on him. Let’s not push him too hard. :)


Hoping it comes soon…


Can I host the 2019 awards as I am a good host


Not the place to ask this question…

And by who’s standards? Your own?