The 2018 Infinite Flight Community Awards | The Results


Just wanted to see how long it took you to notice. I updated it now


I am surprised that @Starley didnt win anything but well done to the winners🎉


Muppa. My Va 🔥🔥🏆


So where is the best photographer and videographer IRL? It was originally in the survey…


Congratulations to everyone! Well deserved awards👏👏


@Balloonchaser Baboon comes out with not one but 2 awards!!

MrMrDrProfesorMan congratulations Also!! It’s a big honor to win one of these!!

I’m not known enough to win one of these 😂😂


Congratulations to all! Im in love with this sim! Proud member of GAF! EXCELLENCE in all we do!!!


Cheers for BAVA



Expected.Ive seen it in Trio


How the HECK is pandaboy the best regular?! Mark Stursy should’ve won, I am absolutely outraged at these results 😡

Remember @BluePanda900 did crash Laura into a mountain while controlling… I expected better out of these votes.

Yes I may be a little angry at panda it didn’t mean I’m not kidding. Of course I’m kidding, good job panda.


I never win these things. Fake news. Rigged. Lock 'em up.




Looks like the Awards wall was built around FlightCast. IF Virtual Air Mexico paid for it tho


IF-OPS will win next year @epaga


Blog it… On the Infinite Flight Blog 😂

“SHOCK HORROR As infinite flights own Jason Rosewell walks away from the Community Awards empty handed for the second year in a row 😱”


The blog is for important things that matter…




Congrats to the winners. I’m proud of you and you deserved that. I don’t begrudge you.

But on what basis where the nominees choosen? Was there an independent board? You sure the vote count was correct? I just saw some fishy documents suggesting that AeroFly colluded with the vote. You know, no hard feelings from my even though I wasn’t even nominated but there definitely should be a recount overviewd by a demographically mixed board.

And because it’s 2019 and sarcasm isn’t very detectable over the internet: That was sarcasm. That’s a neat idea, those community awards. Congrats.


I want everyone on this topic to take a huge step back and realize what all of you have said. From claiming it was a popularity contest too questioning me what process I used. Really none of you have been happy about this. None of you have said anything about my work. I did all of this by myself. It brought a lot of stress with it. And to read these comments are just hurtful to the ones you are attacking and especially to me. It feels like all this work I put in has been wasted. I will make this loud and clear.

If you have a opinion, keep it for yourself. If you are not happy or want to know the process I used, PM me. If you come across attacking, I will not respond.

Thank you for listening and I hope you understand


Congrats @BluePanda900! You had my vote for sure!!


I’m sorry you have to read rude and hurtful comments on a community that I think should better then that!

For anyone that’s upset with the results or the process, you could have helped @Plane-Train-TV if you wanted to once you found out it was being made. Year in review award shows do only happen once a year so wouldn’t have come as a shock.

I think you did a great job for what you had to work with @Plane-Train-TV, and should be proud for all the hard work you put into making this!