The 2018 Infinite Flight Community Awards | The Results


He don’t want none in a pm. I’m the goat.


How about you just go to bed or something… Find a better topic on this forum to comment to. Seriously dude you’ve spent the last 40 minutes here making comments that make little to no sense 😒


Alright guys. Take it to PM if you’re wanting to get fiesty with each other. This topic is not the place for arguments.


No thanks. Why doesn’t somebody just remove him?


It sounds like you’re holding them in captivity somewhere.


Yeah i have subscribed to Swiss 001!!!


Congratulating everyone! Espacially my deer virtual Airline, BAVA. Much deserved!


I mean if theres something like “most toxic member Award” I think u might win something 2019 ;)


Congratulations to everyone that won. Cool to see a variety of people and teams winning.


Great turnout on some of the awards… Common names sadly, but that gives everyone else this year to shine…

But imma keep it 💯 witchu chief… Kilt or Moritz should have won airport editing award 🤷


Laura isn’t tagged correctly, I guess that might be on purpose, but wow! Really good award list😁


Yeah, we don’t tag Laura


There’s no way I can win this I mean come on



Wow 😂 congrats @Cameron and LiveFlight - I’ll get you next year! shakes fist 😜


@epaga, both of your apps are amazing and for me personally, I don’t know how anybody else feels, but without your app, I would no longer be an IF member.

Congrats, IF Live Flight.


This is killing me, how much did i loose with? ;)


If you had shaved your beard you would’ve been able to keep up with Laura 🙄


@schyllberg I VOTED FOR YOU! How could I not, your awesome!


did I vote?
Yes I did actually thinking about it, forgot who i voted for, but yay


It was me you voted for @Connor ☻. I’m just kidding 😁