The 2018 Infinite Flight Community Awards | The Results


Dis is re-dickulous. How trio gunna win best ATC. Gotta be gurrry.

Brandon is knowledgeable about the toilet store.

And Chris S is a big ol Texas softie.

Lol, I kid (not really).

Congrats to all the wieners…I mean winners.

Laura is good staff. Tyler is meh. Why didn’t cam get best editor? Ain’t that all he do?

Any way, good job community. Maybe next year I can win something. What y’all thank I can win?


‘Most humourous member’ Not! 😜


Man, you make me laugh.
You left a good first impression on me when you asked me why I was here on my birthday. 😂😄


Go on somewhere chit chatta taking a bath. I’m funny. Is that a real award tho?


Great. That’s 2 votes for me.

I do not recall that but glad it wurked


It could be but you you have already proved yourself to be a non contender.


And you you ain’t gonna win a proof reading award either.


I’d like to give @Levet some credit - he’s a boss, keep it up buddy


When you hit his age, that’s most always a concern.


No idea what you’re talking about sorry mate


US Air Force Chief if Staff? Dats made up, rite?


He’s the US Air Force Chief of Staff for the IFAE-GAF. :)


I might add Virtual to his tittle. Very confusing.


I wouldn’t expect you would tbh. Tools and sheds and wutnot


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Eh, it’s a aviation forum. I’ll, at minimum glide away, but probably fly away…when I want.

For realsy, can we do like quarterly awards or something?


Good lad, you got the message in the end.


I ain’t you lad, your mate, your buddy, or pal so stop wit all that.

I’m your friend. And I’m staying.

Peace and luv peace and luv


I suggest you stop replying to me. Not sure if you’re just seeking attention or trying to be funny but neither is working with me atm. See yourself out


Take it to a PM folks, let’s not make this topic a running conversation.