The 2017 IFEAA AirVenture | It's Here!

nah imma fly this:

Thats a range map, each circle is 1000 miles radius (SR22 range). It goes Oxford- Glasgow- Rejavik-Nanortalik-Nain-quebec-oshkosh


Good luck! It’s gonna take you about 17 hours to complete that!

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I’ve been refusing to use this term due to my political views and its similarities to the actual term but:



Haha! We are glad you have decided to use it!

I guess I’ll try come after all we are sponsoring the event ;)


Awhhhh, the king air would have been great for this :(. Will a time be allocated that proper should aim (not have to) fly in to Oshkosh which means ATC could open and that would be good

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Could I do a few touch and goes in a 737 there? In the real EAA air show they sometimes have commercial airliners do touch and goes.

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For the fly in and fly out, yes.

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Hey, everyone!
We now have an awesome Discord server that is free for anyone to join! Discord
Hope to see you on there!


MaxSez: “GA all the Way” ! See you at IFEAA Air Venture!


Great idea! Can’t wait to come in my trusty SR-22!

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@Maxmustang @Boeing773ER Can’t wait to see you guys there!


For everyone who will be attending or planning on attending, we would like to know your callsign. Remember, no airline callsigns (PM me for exceptions)! This is a wiki, so regulars add your callsigns, and add the callsigns of those who can’t edit this! Please make sure your callsigns are appropriate!


format --> username - callsign

  • NetJets_Nick - N700LS / OSH17IF

  • Insertusernamehere - G-JOHN

  • IFAE DeerCrusher - N473DC

  • Pilotmaster2129* - N763DC

  • IFAE André Solgren - LN-ASN

  • Rodney Buckland + Cobras* – IFC Flight of 4

  • Gavrilo - EQ420

  • DeltaCRJ-900 - DLCRJ900

  • Neeson52 - V-NEO

  • Ben - BODE

  • Balloonchaser - N731AJ

  • Kevin - AUBIE

  • MaxMustang - D-SUPER or Sounds Air 007

  • Boeing773ER - FV-777 or N86TF

  • Damian - C-DAME

  • R_Jordanian - JY-RJK

  • SuperPlayer117 - VT-MAH

  • NEO


Dont wanna sound rude, but well… this isn’t a wiki 😂


I forgot about that part! LOL
It’s a wiki now.


Thought there was going to be an infinite flight booth at Oshkosh for a second! Looks like a fun event; I will be in attendance,

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No, it shouldn’t. It has survived nearly a month in #live and the format doesn’t fit the #live:events requirements. It is fine here.


My callsign is V-NEO. I’m absolutely going to join this.

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You have been added!

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Ill definitely be at the first 2 events. Probaly not Thrusday, Friday, Sat, Sun…

Ill be at a balloon festival :)

Callsign: N731AJ

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