The 2017 IFEAA AirVenture | It's Here!

Hello, everyone!

The members of IFEAA and I are very pleased to announce the 2017 IFEAA AirVenture sponsored by Infinite Flight News. This will be an event like no other in Infinite Flight history, with it spanning a total of seven days! Each of those seven days will have one event on it. Below is the list of events:

  • July 24 - Opening Day Fly-In (Any GA aircraft allowed)

  • July 25 - Virtual Airline Showcase

  • July 26 - Warbird Wednesday (Spitfire Mk VIII & P-38 only)

  • July 27 - Landing Competition (Any GA aircraft allowed)

  • July 28 - IF Cobras Performance

  • July 29 - Aerosync Aerobatics Team Performance

  • July 30 - Closing Day Fly-Out (Any GA aircraft allowed)

Daily events are subject to change

This is a General Aviation event only! This means GA aircraft are the only aircraft allowed with some exceptions, as we are trying to replicate the real thing. That being said, what aircraft do we have in Infinite Flight that are GA? Well, we have the Cessna 172 & 208, Cirrus SR22, Super Decathlon, Spitfire Mk VIII, and P-38. Also, as a side not, this is not our events thread, this is just our announcements thread.

Check out our website for more information:

Use #OSH17IF to have your pictures featured on our website! Twitter & Instagram only

On behalf of everyone at that helped make this event a reality, I thank you for taking a look at this event, and I hope you will join us! We would also like to thank IFN, IF Cobras, and Aerosync.

Together we can


IFEAA Event Planners: @DeerCrusher , @Flightfan84 , @cleipelt , @Hari_Sims , @ThomasR @Damian , @NetJets_Nick

Join our discord server for some awesomeness! ;) Discord

Also, when we say GA aircraft, we are talking about the C172, C208, SR22, P-38, Spitfire, & Super D! Please do not fly any of the corporate or fighter jets into the events. Thank you.


Looks awesome, exited for a new type of event + it’s GA !


Thanks! You’re right, it’s time to change things up and raise awareness for GA!


It must be awesome to have a week-straight only for General Aviation! I hope this is going to be fun! Thanks alot Nick for celebrating and organizing an event like this ❤


Thanks! I hope it will be awesome! But, there is no way I could have done this without the help of the other event planners.

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On my birthday 😃



You’re birthday is a very big day for aviation! The real Oshkosh AirVenture starts then too!


I guess I was “Born into Aviation”


Lol! Que the drums: Bu-dum-tiss


I can definitely assure you that I will be participating in at least some of these events!

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Well, I guess I should get my Super D ready!


imma be there in my trusty sr22

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@mattrich @Owen_Anderson @Insertusernamehere we will be glad to have you!

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What if we have global by then, Phillipe did say Global could be out by Summer??

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@Flying_Fishes1 he did. If it is, the fly-in and fly-out days will be amazing! I hope it is, so we can fly from our hometown’s to Oshkosh.

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Oh yay!!
Cornfields here I come!!


What if people live in like England will they fly their Cirrus S22’s on over to England over the pond lol

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This looks like fun! Great people planning this event aswell. Will be great.


Oh no i live in the UK. Maybe i could go Oxford (home)-scotland-iceland-greenland-canada-oshkosh?


@Insertusernamehere Or you could fly an airliner trans-Atlantic to the us and then fly to KATW, KMKE, or KGRB. That’s what people do in real life that live overseas. @Flying_Fishes1 no, they will do as mentioned above.

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