The 2016 Infinite Flight Forum Awards! (STAFF RESPONSES)

Ladies and Gentlmen boys and girls welcome to the 2016 Infinite Flight Forum Awards! Here you can vote for your favorite mods, funniest member plus 13 other groups. The regulars of this forums helped nominate people for a variety of categories, now it’s just up to all of YOU to vote. At the end of three days the voting will close and I will announce the winners for each category! This is our first shot at this as we come close to the forums 1 year birthday. Please only vote once, and please answer the last request nicely :)…now get out there and vote in a multitude of category’s for the best of each one!
Go to this link to vote!

I’m not showing the final results because I don’t want the people who don’t win to feel bad if they see they lost by a large amount.

Cheers guys!


For the record, Misha’s facts about carson post is only visible to the regulars so that shouldn’t be an option.



When You don’t have my name in the doc …




too late now lol. Sorry guys… :(



Hahaha, you didn’t even qualify;)


Where’s captain dj for most missed?

He is back, @Captain_DJ

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Voted! The results will be interesting… :)

Voted! When will the results be announced? Have advertised with IFWP

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I’m so glad I’m in it.


The “best of” series and Flightcast were tied at 48% last time I check…lol

Results will be out 3 days from last night my time (EST)

I mean it’s mainly forum based…but whatever!

Yes, know there are a few members of the forum on IFWP but know they don’t always check in regularly so thought would highlight ;-)

The more voters the merrier!

Who did u vote for, its empty. :D

I wonder if he didn’t vote at all 😂😂

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Thanks to me for nominating you :)
I didn’t make any categories though, ah well. I’ve also just voted!

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@CJ12 was a great help with everything thanks CJ!


No probs, this was a good idea! bulb emoji