The 2000th Journey


Today I accomplished something I’d say was pretty great. 2000 flights and 2000 landings.

No, it didn’t take tons of touch and goes. Probably only about 100 total. What it really took was landing 95% of my flights.

So today to celebrate I embarked on a short Delta Airlines journey into New York City.

Route: KDTW (Detroit) - KLGA (La Guardia)
Aircraft: Airbus A319
Airline: Delta Airlines
Server: Expert

Gear coming up after a departure from runway 03L at DTW.

Climbing out of DTW airspace.

A JetBlue A321 en route to SFO passes over me while I cruise at FL310.

Descending into LGA, getting ready for the arrival onto runway 22.

On final for runway 22. Fully configured.

Moments from touchdown with a slight crosswind


Thanks for checking out my photos. I’ve loved my IF journey so far, and can’t wait to continue exploring the skies!

Here’s to another 2000!


Congrats 👏 and nice photos!

Congrats, @Will_A! That’s a huge accomplishment! 👍🏻

We need a water cannon salute

You have more flights and landings than me, but I have more XP and Flight time than you, but you’ve been flying for longer.

Congrats Will! Nice to see that you flew out of Detroit as well :)

That’s probably because of the times I’ve played in.

I used the app during 2016 and 2017 as a pre-global pilot, where you don’t get lots of XP.

Then I didn’t use it for about a year, and came back in March of 2019. So a lot of my stats come from pre-global flying.

With global though, XP means basically nothing.

Thanks for the warm words, everyone!


Those are great screenshots! Especially the one with the a321 over you. I’ve never seen anything like that!

Nice! Congrats! I give you a 2000/10 rating on these photos too, good editing and good angles.