The 1st ANA Airbus A380 arrived at Japan finally!

Hi everyone! Today, I did quick spotting at Tokyo Narita to welcome the ANA’s 1st Airbus A380 called “Flying Honu”. So, I wanted to share this picture!

All Nippon Airways
Airbus A380-841 JA381A


Wow,I’m jealous… Anyways,I’m excited for its first money making flight in May!


Great picture!


This looks great, might fly this to Honolulu during Christmas 2019.

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Someone needs to request for this ASAP in the feature I can’t rn cuz not home 😂😂

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And does anyone know if they gonna fly this to LAX or is it just bgonna be hawaii


Just Hawai’i for now

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Very cool! Though it won’t last long because Airbus announced that the A380 family is going to be canceled of the line.

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very nice, It’s a pity we do not have one in Brazil for a Brazilian company.

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Nice livery by the way. All Nippon Airlines=ANA

It will always be Hawaii (I think). Hawaii is where most Japanese people go to for vacation. So, there will be a high demand for tickets from Tokyo/Osaka to Honolulu. Ask any Japanese person in IFC @Hinata @SimpleWaffles, and they will give you the same answer.

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This is rough, though, because the A380 program literally just ended. .__.

So if the a380 program ends it really means that a380s around the world will be gone?

the whale is back at it again

They’ll use all 3 A380s on Japan-Hawaii route.
Since JAL and Hawaiian Airlines have a code share agreement, they have a whopping 52% of market share!! Delta comes in at 2nd and ANA comes in at 3rd. There are Korean, United, Air Asia X and scoot as well. This route is very popular!! By flying 3 A380s on this route. They hope to pass Delta. And use the 787s that will be freed to Australian routes and other places where ANA is weak. I hope you can understand my English;)

Light red(10,787)=JAL
Dark red(5,166)=ANA
Light Pink(1,932)=Korean
Light blue(1,833)=United
Light Yellow(1,508)=Air Asia X
Light Green(1,316)=Scoot
I was only able to find a Japanese one sorry.


And I think it is also operated by China Airlines.

I think they only operate Taipei-Honolulu

Oh wait nvm, I forgot they stopped stopping at Narita midway on their TPE-HNL flights.

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