The 19’s icelandair

Yea. Icelandair had a retro livery, and it look good to my surprise. Now with the 757 RW, this can be possible.

It’s beautiful
Credit of the picture: Unknown

What is Icelandair below

What is the 757?

Great request but can you add a real picture? Thanks!

I would probably change it from Retro livery to old 1990s livery in the title as it is not like other airlines take British Airways where there are special liveries for that period in the current day and are painted on modern-day aircraft, merely it was their livery then until it was changed to the current one. But overall, a nice livery I would say!

I can’t find a real picture, but I did remember seeing a real picture, I can’t find it no more

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But here’s a tri thing image


Here is a 752:

(Airlines / Companaiges)

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Thank you xtra xtra

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Still love how simple this is

Icelandair first aircraft was a DC. Here it is at Heathrow

Credits: Wikipedia

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