The 120th anniversary of powered flight.

Today on December 17th 2023 the first powered flight occurred at kill devil hills near kitty hawk North Carolina. After several unsuccessful attempts at exactly 10:35 the first powered flight took off. Orville wright was the pilot of the first flight which lasted 12 seconds and traveled a distance of 120 feet with a maximum speed of 6.8 miles an hour. Fun fact: the entire flight could have taken place in the cargo hood of the c5m super galaxy. The brothers took turns on that day to complete three additional flights the longest lasting 59 seconds and a distance of 852 feet. The highest altitude flown was ten feet. At the end of the fourth test flight the aircraft was damaged beyond repair and was taken home to Dayton ohio. The wrights continued experimenting with their creation. A flight distance of 24.1 miles was accomplished in 1905. World war 1 was the first use of aircraft in combat. Without this important milestone in aviation we might not have this app. We would also not have some of the aviation related hobbies we have and some of us might not have jobs . As such I request a moment of remembrance for the wright brothers.

Sources include NASA and the FAA
Extra business photo of the 1903 wright flyer



How cool. I did a project for National History Day on the Wright Brother’ last year.


Cool! I’ve heard there’s a debate about who was the first state in flight, Ohio, or NC.

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For powered flight, it’s definitely North Carolina. Ohio gets some of the credit though, because that’s where the Wright Brothers were raised, and where they tested and built gliders and even the Wright Flyer, which didn’t fly until they reached Kitty Hawk.


bring it outer banks!. that’s the beach we go to sometimes where i live it’s only a hour

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I know but there still is

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The plane and it engineering /parts were built and designed in ohio. But the first powered flight occurred at kitty hawk. Fun fact because they were from Dayton we have one of the more important Air Force bases : wright Patterson afb ( they do something there) and the museum of the United States Air Force i could stay in there for over 3 days straight ( would be an interesting place for an official community meetup)

And happy infinite flight anniversary @DJW


First !


This is interesting for sure!

But I paraphrased the following from the sources further below:

“In 1948, the Smithsonian signed an agreement with Orville Wright’s estate to recognize only the 1903 Wright Flyer as the first aircraft to make a manned, powered, controlled flight. The agreement is still in effect today and allows the Wright family to reclaim the Flyer if the Smithsonian fails to comply. However, if indisputable evidence is found, the Smithsonian would present an accurate history of the invention of the airplane, regardless of the consequences. As of 2013, there is no compelling evidence that anyone flew before the Wright brothers.”

Gustave Whitehead - Wikipedia

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I somehow missed your earlier comment but ended up talking about the same thing.

So much back and forth about the credibility of Gustave Whitehead’s evidence and his supposed witnesses (in the various sources). It made my eyes spin. It’s like one can’t say a 100% definite no, but there’s also no overwhelming case for yes.

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