The 120 hour challenge

I have wanted to set up a ferry flight for fighters, I have searched with no luck… if you need a refuel I’ll try to help…

Best of luck

I have been able to get extended range and lower fuel burn on KC10 @ fl120 with on or two engines shutdown is that a glitch compared to real world…?

Great, good luck on your challenge, wish you the best. But Deer is correct though with fuel estimates.

By the way, welcome to the community @Aaron2834!

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Keep it up!

Wow… he actually did it…
I’m just, at a loss for words

Hit me up if you ever need a refueling tanker, anywhere in the world!

You can do it 87 more hours to go

How’s the flight going?

I would think he is 33 hours in

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He really is going for it.

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Yep I couldn’t do that for that long

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Well, Once I start my half-term in October. I will challenge that bug and try and beat the record for longest flight in IF ;)

doubt I will, I’m bored on the half term but I’ll try haha

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It’s 85 hours by sorry about this @iidvdii (3rd time I have mentioned him in the past week for the same reason) but it was a long flight I bet


So beat that

Yeah, I’ve seen 85 hours. Hopefully that trusty old 5s will do it for me.

I’ll use real low settings and it’ll be next to my router.

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And turn off notifications and all of that stuff

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It’s like my phone for Infinite flight. Has no other apps than IF installed :)

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Oh nice what kind of phone

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