That's odd... PM to myself flagged by the community when I was drafting an event

Hello everyone,

I just encountered a small problem with System. I was drafting an event in a PM to myself. I went to ‘send’ the message to save my changes. It automatically hid my post because of a ‘large number of community flags’. I guess it was some automatic thing that picked up on something it didn’t like. Not sure what though. I’ve had a read of what I wrote, and can’t find anything in there.

That’s it. Any ideas! I can edit it again in 10 minutes, but if it still doesn’t like it, obviously I’ll have to wait for mods to look at it.

hopefully it doesn’t flag this too :)


I guess Seb forgot to feed @system. 🤷‍♂️

For real, though, I’m not too sure, especially if there’s no foul language. Maybe wait for a moderator to take a look?


System doesn’t like your event…

But for real, seems really weird. Large number of community flags means multiple people. Is there anything that the System bot doesn’t like like certain wording you used?


He said there’s not (to his knowledge).


That’s what I thought was odd.
And no, I don’t think there’s any words that would be possibly blocked.

Well I believe mods can find the exact reason when a post is flagged.

What happens if you send me a PM with the same thing. Does it get flagged?

It doesn’t specify. It only says what it was flagged for (inappropriate, spam, off-topic).



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The watched words system is a little bit sensitive, so some words even like snatc.h can get flagged…

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I found out why it was flagged. Check your spelling for “last” towards the end.



The wording is a bit weird on the flags - it can say “due to a large number of community flags”, but what it can actually mean is just that the system didn’t like a certain word. Check your post for typos, or, if you don’t find a word that should have meant something positive but was typed incorrectly and now means something inappropriate, and if you think all of them are family friendly but you still get hit over the head by our lovely robot, shoot mods a PM and they’ll tell you the reason for the “flags”

Worked it now! Thanks everyone!