That's not GA - This is GA! @ YTYA 082200ZDEC18

Background Image Credit: And yes, that is Tyabb.

Most of us fly GA every now and again, but not many of us do it out of real GA airports.

For example, since when does a 172 fly out of KORD?

This flyout is designed to give you a real taste of General Aviation.

General Details

Server: Expert
Aircraft: Cessna 172 Skyhawk, Cirrus SR22, Daher TBM930, Cessna 208 Caravan or Supermarine Spitfire
Date / Time: December 7, 2018 10:00 PM


Arrival Airport Recommended Aircraft
YMMB Cessna 172 Skyhawk
YTDN Cessna 208 Caravan
YMAV Daher TBM930
YBLT Cirrus SR22
YMPC Supermarine Spitfire


Number 1

YTYA is an unedited airport (I’m editing it as we speak, but that’s beside the point) with only one available spawn point. Instead of gates, I have assigned spawning times, please spawn at the spawn location at your spawning time and immediately proceed to take off.

Number 2

Unless Tyler is kind enough to give us IFATC, Unicom/CTAF will be in use. Please use it appropriately. If you need some help with using the Unicom, please see this helpful tutorial by Mark.

Number 3

Please try to use realistic callsigns. The Australian prefix for aircraft registrations is VH- and we use the three proceeding letters (no numbers) as our GA callsign. I’ve put together a document with some callsigns for the aircraft we’re using here.

Spawning Times

All users are to spawn in at 3 minute intervals to allow for minor clock inaccuracies.

Time Username Callsign Route
2200Z @Pilotcorn09 VH-TSV YTYA-YBLT
2203Z @BennyBoy_Alpha VH-TBM YTYA-YMAV
2206Z @2003iggy VH-VFE YTYA-YBLT

I hope to see you there!


I have made this topic a Wiki, so hopefully my fellow regulars can help me out.

Hello, this looks great, can I please have the time slot 2200Z in the TBM930 to YBTL.


Requested Slot: 2203Z
Aircraft: Daher TBM-930
Arrival Airport: YMAV
Callsign: VH-TBM

@BennyBoy_Alpha I’ve added you. @Pilotcorn09 what will your callsign be?

I would attend but I have stuff to do then

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If it was the 9th I’d be able to make it.

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My call sign will be VH-TSV


I will put you down ;)

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I really like CYZR as my GA airport. (I flew 150’s, 172’s, and 182’s out of there as a teenager).

Reason being, for a 172 there are so many little airstrips to the west in Michigan. You can do 6 or so touch and goes at different airports in a 10 or so minutes. Helps for that landing count :).

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Do I have to fly to those routes suggested above? Just letting you know, I want to fly to YBTL if possible please.

This is not my event, I would ask @KaiM for clarification.


Ok thanks.


No, they’re just suggestions. But please make sure you’re flying to a GA airport.

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Ok, YBTL is a GA airport, It is mix with military and commercial aviation, but has a lot of GA aircraft.

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Yeah I’m aware

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Awesome thanks! See you there!

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