That's Amazing

I was browsing the instagram and saw a shocking post checked out



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Good thing he was above 10k’ or else he would have received an aerobatics violation or two.

In all seriousness, I think that this is a pretty amazing feat. I’ve heard of this before and can’t believe that the pilot managed to save it. I bet there was lots of experience in that cockpit.


That would’ve been a mess to clean up.

But I have to congratulate the part of the pilot for saving it


jaw drops…

Oh my…I wonder what was going through the pilots head when it happened.

A very lucky escape and a very good job from the pilot recovering it!


I think that’s only happens in infinite flight 😊

dang good pilot there at least he didn’t end up like maverick and goose lol

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He’s really lucky pilot 😊

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A380 was ghosted for a normal flying which is not safe for others.

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Wow that is just incredible! How the pilot managed to do that is amazing!

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Wrote the aircraft off completely. It was scrapped due to airframe bending and overstress.

Great job by the flight crew. They were probably along for the ride initially but got it back together to get it down safely.

Always wear your seatbelt ladies and gents.



Let’s just hope no one was using the bathroom… 😩😰😅

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Looooooooooooool 😂😂😂😂
It’s will be big mess to clean


That’s an old post, this happened around last year. :/

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That pilot must have been freaking Eric Doyle.

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I actually remember this being posted on the forum

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If you Google it you will find pics of the cabin with blood on the ceiling and on the seats. It’s pretty graphic. Glad everyone was okay relatively to how bad it could’ve been.


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