That's a very cold picture

Hey guys!

With the Christmas spirit, something that should naturally come with this is snow (even though its boiling hot summer here in Australia 😭 ).
So, I decided to go into solo mode and take some screenshots that involved snow in some way, whether it was a cruise over the North Pole or a low pass over some mountains. Now, enjoy these cool pictures (see what I did there😎)


Sever: Solo
Aircraft: Various
Route: N/A

I tried my best to base these images off real flights, but they may not be 100% accurate.

Emirates A380 cruising over the Arctic

Recreation of the Norse 787-9 landing in Antarctica

Air Canada 777-200LR

Qantas sightseeing flight skimming Antarctic coast

Japan Airlines 777-300ER during sunset

Air New Zealand A320 near Queenstown

Aeroflot A350 north of Russia

Cabin view in Thai Airways 777 over the Himalayas

I hope you liked these! Let me know which image was your favourite!
Wishing everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


All the pics look stunning great work buddy! My personal favourite would be “Aeroflot A350 north of Russia”.

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Absolutely beautiful pictures, i love all of them, but Qantas B787 over Antarctica is my favorite one, because it’s my country airlines!

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Very nice everything, I like the A380 over arctica the most


Really nice photos.

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Same I like the Aeroflot a350 too.

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