That was close, United!

  1. On Approach to KLAS, when United overshoot the ILS and came a little bit too close, and that not just once, 2 more times after while he tried to intercept again … but nevermind…at least the situation created a nice picture :)

  2. Expert server, some time in the afternoon, flying KLAX-KLAS


Wow, a little too close for comfort 😬 Looks actually, kind cool though not gonna lie.

Ooooft 😖 Close call!

Reminds me of the Blue Angels but with commercial planes😂


Just a little bit? 😂

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United 2378, what are you doing? You’re a commercial pilot. I know you were a Blue Angels pilot, but you aren’t anymore.

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I was thinking more like “ Air Europa , out of my way with your little 787, I need two runways for my big B777 “ . I m sure the passengers liked the opportunity to see the drain masts of a GE90 engine and how many openings it has to see from what part of the engine the fluid is dripping ;)

WOW, now thats epic,

In which server does that conflict took on?

I bet its training,