That typical flight over the Pacific Ocean

Hello People!
Hope you are doing well! Why not start my first Screenshot topic with a typical over the Pacific Ocean flight from Brisbane to Los Angeles!

Server: Expert
Flight Information: Qantas 15, Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, Duration - 12H:24M
Route: Brisbane International Airport - Los Angeles International Airport 


Pushback Approved, Starting Engines

Entering Runway 01


This was actually unplanned but here you see myself and @Enigma around 4000ft apart! We happened to be doing the same route at the exact time

Trying some ‘edgy’ shots

Edgy with a sprinkle of an engine

A typical LA wing view shot (always beautiful)

A smooth touchdown at Los Angeles

Spreading the butter right on the Touchdown zone

Which one do you like best?
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I hope you enjoyed the shots and I’ll see you all in the skies!

Thank you - Ubaid1


Great photos, those close-ups have to be my favorites. 👍🏻

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Thanks man! Yeah close up ones always hit the spot 😊

I find all of these pic beautiful

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That looks like a great flight! The wing view is great, the landing shots as well and a mid-air encounter is always something special. Thanks for sharing!


Thank you so much!

Thank you! Yeah it was a great flight! I was actually trying to race him but he won hahah 😂! Thanks again :)


That was quite the fun coincidence, great shots - thanks for the shout out!

Definitely have to do that again sometime!

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Yeah absolutely!