That time of year again

Well its that time of year. Christmas and the last update of this year. I got some pictures of the A220 like a lot so let me share them right.
Information will be on top of pictures of aircraft.

YL-ABA getting ready for departure from Tallinn Lennart Meri Airport to Paris de Gualle Airport.

Just a Korean Chilling there. ||HL8091||

Just Butter the bread even if you tired. || CYYZ - C-GNBN ||

Just a Breeze A220 chilling in the Breeze during sunset. || Honestly. I forgot it all ||

Jet Blue A220 on final approach

YI-ARE arriving at Baghdad International Airport After a long delivery flight.

Next 2 ones are from my friend. Just note that 1 of the pictures from my friend is the 777-300ER

A Korean Air A220 departing for Gunsan Airport on a Sunny Day. ||Seoul Incheon - HL 8091||

The last photo. A Korean Air 777-300ER leaving it’s home for its long adventure to Los Angeles International Airport U.S ||Some Where in Korea – HL8216||


Woah. Some of these photos are really cool. I really love the one in Tallinn with the orange ish haze!

Did you upload the wrong image here? It seems to be a repeat of number 4. I mean I don’t mind as it’s my favorite image!

Yes I did. Must have been a few mistakes.

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Has been fixed. Sorry for the mistake. It was suppose to be #1

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