That Sinking Feeling

I have noticed that many fliers often feel a “sinking feeling” soon after takeoff. I was browsing the internet and found this article explaining what causes that feeling and why. Give it a read!


That’s a gravity effect right? I feel that I’m going down when the plane rotates… But I never noticed that sinking feeling before…

Haven’t read the article, but that “sinking” feeling is the thrust reduction altitude. The plane (737 in this example) dips down from around a 15-degree pitch angle to around 10 degrees, while reducing thrust. :) That will reduce the G-forces, and it can feel as if you’re “sinking” :)


I don’t experience that, or at least I can’t recall it. I obviously feel the opposite, that I’m going up, and most (99.999999999999999999%) of times
That what’s happening.
PS: If it Wasn’t than I would not be here

I only feel it weirdly on 717s and MDs, not A320s and 737s.

Ever rode Mission: Space at Epcot? Well, it’s kind like that


Yup that is explained in the article.

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They say people feel it most when they have a fear or get anxious about flying. Also pilots and frequent fliers are wouldn’t notice much of anything


I got that on the A319 :/

I have this exact feeling! :)

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I get that too :)

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That’s odd.
I don’t get it, it doesn’t make sense to me.
If it’s true than fair enough (I do not have a fear for flying btw) but I don’t see why I would get anxious either.

Many people do

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I’m pretty sure it is to do with flaps going in, but no too sure.

It is when you pitch down relatively quickly. It is just like if you drive really fast over a small hill, almost like a ramp, and fly off the top, you feel this on a smaller scale. If the aircraft maintained this motion and made a big parabolic path, you’d feel weightless. This is how those zero G flights work.

If you are bothered by it, try tensing up your leg and stomach muscles during this part of departure and you won’t feel it as much.

Read the article :)

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