That Sinking Feeling...

My life is over… For now atleast… Right when I got a notification that Matt was on too.


I feel so bad for you, your dreams nearly came true 😂


Infinite Flight Live Expiration Theme

“Brother Can You Spare a Five?”


Apparently I got a violation yesterday. I was only 9 landings and 2 days away from Grade 4. ;-;


Is Mat meant to be Grade 3?

If I don’t win that screenshot competiton, I’m pretty screwed. I spent 5 bucks on Paris last time I had money, and I don’t know how but apparently I owe money from that purchase, so I can’t download or update any apps because my debit card is being denied. But anyways, that means I have to pay like 7 bucks to renew my Live…

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That’s not Matt, that’s my grade.

I didn’t know that happens on Debit Cards… I thought maybe they would cancel the purchase due to low funds… I thought…

I know right?!? I don’t even know… I asked the same question when I saw my recent purchases…

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Anyways wish you all the best for that 7 bucks 😄

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I went on the server to see him I parked my plane next to his and I was about to take a screenshot but then he left 😭,it says he is a grade 3 is that meant to be there?

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Well if it’s him, there’ll be a Dev tag right? Also, maybe he could have multiple accounts?

Unless violations got the better of him 😂


I thought he would be grade 5 but I looked and he had 47 violations so maybe one was a more recent one and put him down to grade three

@Chatta290 his grade 5 account is Matt@FDS

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I guess the beta team is working hard, Matt’s a lonely Dev in an ERJ just like Tyler is 90% of the time :P


What app is this?

Infinite Pilots. It costs $2.99 though.


For iOS only, by the way :)


What is that app called?

Sir? Did you see this? 😂