That’s How We Do It | An Infinite Flight Movie


I recently got into the business of YouTubing. Currently, I co-own a channel with a few friends, it’s a collab channel basically. The reason it’s a collab is because we can all contribute our own piece of the puzzle, and provide a multitude of videos for our channel. Anyway, my contribution to the channel is Infinite Flight Movies (or else I woudnt be posting here), and this is my first of these movies. This movie “That’s How We Do It,” was made with footage from recent flights, and some old ones I dug up in my replays on IF. Without further a due, here it is!

I would like to thank @AlphaSeven, @Ignas04, @TRDubh, and @AIDAN101 for flying in this video, y’all did a great job!
I’d also like to thank @Dan and @Etrain for giving me tips to help get our channel looking it’s best, and tips for the future as well.

That just about sums it up! I would love some feedback if you have any, I would like to improve both my video/movie making skills, and improve our channel. Thanks for visiting, and have a great day, IFC!

Please ignore the channel intro, that’s in the process of being redone. Also, I didn’t have first choice in the channel’s name, lol. 😂

Next time I’d use a more dramatic song. Also crop your footage into a 16:9 canvas so you don’t get the bars ;)

Cool video. The channel name and logo stuff isn’t what I would use for a gaming channel.

I think you used too many transitions. You can focus more on matching the changing clips with the beat of the song.

Solid first attempt!


Very nice video 🤙

I agree with @Etrain’s feedback, but it’s still a very nice IF movie 👌

Great work!


Thank you both, it really means a lot!

I’ll make sure to improve next time, @Etrain!

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Well that’s good to hear 😂

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Really nice video! Also a fan of the Alps being in the footage ;) Thanks for sharing!

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Nice vid! Really surprised @TRDubh didn’t crash though. 😳


I’m surprised you didn’t crash, Asher - oh wait you didn’t fly 😐

Great video! Loving the footage.


Great little video and great first attempt. You have to start somewhere I guess…

There’s a lot of room for improvement but you will eventually teach yourself skills over time

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Means a lot, thanks! Glad you enjoyed the Alps!

Well I’m glad he didn’t crash, thank you! 😂

Thanks a lot, @Thunderbolt!

There’s a first time for everything. Thank you!

Yep, I’m always trying to get better!

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You’re welcome!
Chances are I’ll be available to fly again for this sometime. Not next week though

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Cue the music!

Oh wait… wrong track… still would’ve been good enough to put in 😂

DISCLAIMER: This is not a Rick-Roll.

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Now that you say that, I should’ve used that song. 😂

Roger roger! Also, thanks again, I’m so grateful you were able to do that A350 formation with me. 😉