That moment when you realize your plane spotting while on a plane πŸ˜€

Hey all!

Happy Easter! I’m still currently on my flight to SAN from EWR when posting this but I was actually able to get some really great pics while pushing back and taxing at EWR! Hope you enjoy πŸ˜‰

My flight AS772

Wait! Is that porter? Wow first time seeing that!

Couple of sick shots from the window (last row)

Camera: IPhone πŸ₯²


very nice! i am tracking you right now on fr24

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Sick! We have some extreme turbulence but other than that good flight so far

What time were these taken my cousin worked a delta flight today on an a320 love the JB BTw

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They were taken between 5-7 PM most though around 6:45 est

Cool my cousin took off like 12 minutes before this

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Oh wow real cool def a chance I could have seen him at the airport. Probably not though

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It is a her btw πŸ˜‚

Oh mb lol πŸ˜‚

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It’s ok where are you now

Next to St.Louis

Found you


Nice why are you sad about an iPhone

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I wish I had a better camera because my IPhone is 50/50 on pictures ether really good or really bad or I’m just bad at spotting lol


How was your flight?

same here, but you probably have a far newer one than mine


Totally unrelated but I have a 12 max pro and this is the best I can get when I did spotting at my home airport of KSRQ


Better than what my 6s can do (I assume you’re zoomed in to the maximum)

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I am at half zoom
Full zoom. Be like

This is my cat Bobby BTW

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