That Landing Feeling

You know when you land after a good flight you just get a sigh of relief?
Well here you have it.
Duration:2:53 in air (3:07 in total)
So on Sunday I did a nice flight from London to Gibraltar.
I took off from RW27L and then made a small turn and headed south. After about 17 minutes in the flight I had made it over the English Chanel. Then I continued south over France and the alps and headed into Spain and at 20 minutes out I began my decent and before I landed a 737 showed up from London city (didn’t see his landing) but he landed. I then landed and got a few awesome shots. Enjoy!
Also please ask me before you use my photos thanks @N801VP


Were those the Italian or the French Alps. Just out of curiosity


Pretty sure those were the French Alps…

They didn’t fly over Italy.

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They are the Alps that you fly over when you go from France to Spain

Kk. I mean, they are also technically Italian from one point of view but kk

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I am going to try the flight

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It’s a good one. Gotta say love live cockpit would love to see it on the 737 soon.

Love them evening landing pictures 👌 nice

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Thanks and the runway has a great heading for shots like that.

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Where did all those likes come from???

My friend, that feeling is called


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Not when you land at -750fpm (but somehow make it a good landing).