That is unfortunate

Was making a flight last night from RCTP-KLAX. Flight time is usually around 10/11hrs. I thought I would have enough time to make it back before I had to land. Unfortunately got pretty busy and had to be away longer than expected. I finally got back to see I received a level 1 violation for an aerobatics violation. I checked the replay on the flight so I could see what happened. As suspected, after flying circles around the airport for literally almost 3 hours. I ran out of fuel haha. Autopilot disconnected and the dive bombing run commenced.

It’s going to be hard explaining that one to the FAA…


what I like to on flights that I might not make it in time for decent is draw a line right into nowhere, so if this happens it is does disrupt anything but water or sand in desert, but also know that when you do a flight you always want to make sure that you are able to takeoff and land and make sure you are able to do so BEFORE the flight


Hello there! That really looks unfortunate, if you want to get this violation apealed, feel free to contact @apeals and send them your replay.

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Unfortunately, level 1 violations can only be appealed if it is clearly the fault of the app. In this case, there won’t be a possibility for removal; poor fuel planning and other factors are at fault of the user. Apologies!

Actually that might not be true, when I fly I add at least 1 1 1/2 more fuel than needed and I have landed with barley any fuel so that could have been a game malfunction.

Well, there are factors such as headwinds, airport congestion, outdated aircraft, etc.

There’s a real-life equivalent, don’t worry 😉 Northwest Airlines Flight 188 - Wikipedia

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