That didn't go as planned... | Munich, December 18, 2019

Hi again!

of course it comes as a shock for most of you, but I’ve been spotting once again this week (well, actually that’s not completely accurate but more on that later). With two specials, the A340-500 of the Royal Thai Air Force and a Canadian Airforce P3 Orion announced I decided to skip my data bases lecture and go to the airport. Spoiler: I got neither of the two since I had to leave for other appointments rather early. I nevertheless got a few pics I thought you might like.

On Wednesday, quite a few bizjets operated at Munich, such as this Vistajet Challenger.

A bit bigger and also brand new (delivered a few weeks ago, so not as brand new as it’s IF double): Singapore‘s A350-900

While a good share of the fleet has already been repainted, Munich (due to the configuration of these planes) still gets Etihad‘s 777s in old colors. If you want to see a new livery here, you have to wait for one of the 787s that are also regularly visiting us.

Speaking of new colors - since Thomas Cook went bust, Condor is now operating on its own and the rights on the brand of former Thomas Cook went to Chinese Fosun Group which makes it necessary to rebrand the entire Condor fleet (this will be done by March 2020). D-ABUE arrived from the Caribbean being one of the first 10 planes to receive the adjusted scheme with Thomas Cook titles covered and the sunny heart replaced by the iconic condor.

Another bankrupt airline still makes some undercover appearances in European skies thanks to Eurowings. I guess all of you recognize what airline this plane belonged to before it was taken over by Eurowings.

While we are in the topic of bankruptcies, why not have a look at this A319 operating for the most famous zombie in the skies: Even though being on the edge of bankruptcies for quite a few times, Alitalia is still alive.

Another A319 but this time with more money - Who would say no to this kind of travel? Personally, I think this would be kind of the smallest bizjet I would buy since fitting in smaller ones doesn’t seem feasible at 1.95m.

You know, fitting in something like this 👀 not a Good idea if one is too tall for a CRJ haha

From new liveries now back to something older - TUNISAIR‘s 737-600 arriving from Djerba

Before I left something big and smokey appeared at the horizon: Just a tiny Sikorsky CH-53 crossing the airport

Hope you liked these pics! Also, stay tuned for more (and more special) plane pics very soon since Wednesday wasn’t my only spotting trip this week.


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Well done. They are really really good pictures. 6 & 10 to be precise.

This didn’t go as planned but… have a doughnut 🍩 Moritz


Amazing pics, such a shame you didn’t catch the two specials. Side note, Dush doesn’t seem to visit here anymore?

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Really nice photos came out of your spotting sessions - wel done!

I went planespotting myself yesterday and got invited to the flight deck of a Cathay Pacific A350-900 but lost all the photos on my SS card 😭

I think it will be possible to retrieve but I currently don’t have access to any laptop!

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“Tiny” that’s a beast


We’re really good at posting spotting topics at around the same time haha. Great shots!

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Thanks! Maybe keep the doughnut for the time being since the day after turned out quite well as a „compensation“

Well, it’s not that bad in the end. I already got the Thai 340 (find it here) and I would have taken the P3 as a bonus since military isn’t really of that much interest for me tbh. When it comes to Dush, I obviously know that but I just keep it as a running gag 🤷🏼‍♂️ In case he returns he’ll have quite some notifications to handle haha

Thank you :) that story sounds quite painful though 😬[quote=“RotorGuy, post:5, topic:388569”]
“Tiny” that’s a beast

That’s probably how we reacted to the big fat dark thing approaching in the distance haha I actually stood right next to one of the German CH 53s last week so I know how huge they are 😱

Got any plans for posting tomorrow yet? :P that 2019 review post sounds interesting to copy I guess 😬😏


Nah I’m flying to Munich tonight 😱


Wait, irl or in IF 😱


I love these, I like the change from the wide-bodies to these smaller planes, they’re just as great!

By the way, I didn’t know Alitalia got a new livery, it’s amazing!

IRL just boarded AC846

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These are amazing!! What camera do you use?

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Once again more beauty to my eyes!! 😍

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I‘m using a Canon EOS 80D :)

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Wow 😳 is Munich your final destination or are you connecting here? 👀


Lol I wish we still operated them, some one in California about 10 years ago now bought a few surplus CH-53s from the Marines they were going try use them for aerial fire fighting but just due to how big they are they can’t do it effectively

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Well, I wouldn’t call the German CH ops efficient anyway, apparently they do 8 months of maintenance after every 200 operating hours

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Sounds about right lol

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I’m at Olympic Park now connecting onto SIN tonight

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Oh, flying the LH 350 instead of the better SQ product? 😬