That Denver Approach


Approaching Denver in the late morning, even in solo mode, is really fun. Nestled in the Rocky Mountains and at such a high altitude, Denver is one of the best (and most scenic) places to fly. So I took my CRJ-700 in the livery that nobody ever flies — Frontier Airlines (JetExpress). Managed to get some awesome photos while on approach to Denver while practicing my CRJ flying in solo. Why am I talking about it when I can show you? Here you go.

Yep you saw that right, I actually flew the Frontier CRJ-700. It’s a great livery and highly underrated, so it’s what I used to both practice landing to keep my skills up, and for what I turned into this photoshoot. Not to mention, it’s a moonshot as well!

Fancy quiz time!

When was the original Frontier Airlines founded?
  • 1950
  • 1994
  • 1986
  • 2011

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The answer to my last quiz was 18.6% slope, which 52% of you got correct.

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What a beauty!

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That is profile picture worthy! Incredible 😍


Thank you so much @MADCAT!

@Collins4486, I’ll probably make a draft profile photo with this so I can use it if I get tired of my current one. 🙃

Thanks a lot!