That bad when approach closes without warning

that bad when you’re flying, connected with approach and you fly, then you get distracted, start watching the other planes, look if there is someone you know, but after a few minutes of silence you realize that approach is no longer connected! !!! I do not know if they stop so suddenly to connection issues or other problems. however dear ATC always warn when closing, thank you very much to all.


Every advanced controller will always [should] broadcast before closing, unless there’s a connection issue or immediate emergency they have to handle. A backlog in the amount of instructions given on the frequency may also result in a closing broadcast being lost in the chaos.

If you feel, however, that they dropped out without warning, just try to find the controller in question and ask what happened. They’d gladly comply, and if they did drop out for no reason without broadcasting, we’ll take care of it for you.


When Tower is active and then the controller leaves, a message shows that Tower is offline switching to Unicom…why can’t the same happen with approach/departure/center?

Because when Approach leaves there is no frequency to replace it

It could connect you to the nearest Unicom

Yes,almost time is connection issue…the problem is how to know when is or not…

Sometimes, ill be controlling, and IF will crash, because there are so many requests.

Your profile picture made me think @CptNathanHope was responding to himself :O


When approach goes then you need to vector and descend yourself. Once you are in range then you can contact tower who can at least sequence you so you know where in the sequence you are landing.

We all speak English here.

Who is that addressed to? If it is me then yes.

Well it is perhaps not quite phrased as well as natural English speaker would phrase it, but the problem they are trying to highlight has been understood by everyone so it is clearly good enough.

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Really?😂 Man of course i will aproach by myself…i want to said just how is funny when you realize that you are alone…

I agree with the OP. Something should notify the pilot when they are no longer on approach freq.

Also, sometimes the controller announcies 5 min or 2 min until closing but someone is just tuned in to frequency.

I will try to send all aircraft to a Unicom or tower before I leave

Messages get backlogged 30 seconds. After that, they are not broadcasted in the TTS system