That B757 is LIVELY!

777s will always be my favourite for the sheer power!

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Oh really?! I didn’t know that! Definitely makes sense

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Those engines are phenomenal

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On 777s? Yeah high power thrust rating of all aircraft out there and the noise…

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You can not beat that noise 😍🤤

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Oh I was having the same problem yesterday, apparently this has been noted internally. Try using 10% trim and no greater on take off, also this is very important ensure that your device is calibrated before take off. I tried this and it has made a huge difference as I’m now able to rotate at the correct speed instead of 60 knots. Hope this helps!

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More like a Hellcat

hopefully it doesnt bean me


I’ll give that a try - thanks!

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I have done this and slammed the landing, and if you keep power on then you float halfway down the runway lol

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So I’ve just tried this and calibrating before take off really does make a difference! Thank you!

However I’ve now found that I can start to rotate at around 140kts but then my main gear doesn’t lift off until around 210kts and I’m below MLW 😂

So I’m doing 75% power until Vr and then raising to 90%ish… ?!

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No worries! I’m glad it’s made a difference, I believe I can also help you with that issue. Below I’ve attached a screenshot of the take off configurations appropriate for certain aircraft loads from the B757 take off and landing manual. Make sure your flaps are at the correct angle and ensure that you are are using the appropriate thrust for your N1 power. For example if your load is 50% as shown below your flaps should be at 5 degrees and your take off power should be at 77% which equals 90% N1, from there once rolling down the runway rotate at 135 knots and you should be airborne by 150 knots without a problem. Remember this is a very overpowered aircraft and practice makes perfect, once you’ve got the hang of it you should be smooth flying. Also don’t forget to calibrate this makes a worlds difference!!!

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I’ve also linked the take off and landing manual for the B757 below, check it out. 👇

That’s really helpful, thanks for that

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No worries! Anytime :)

The 757 is a notoriously overpowered airplane :)

Lookup 757 steep takeoff videos, you’ll see what I mean.

One of them:


Blimey 😳 that’s insane! So the developers and yourself have got this absolutely spot on, well done!

And Merry Christmas to you all.

Still, I am surprised to have to lower the power under 10.000ft to a point that will barely be sufficient to complete the climb later on.
Did a test with 90tons, no wind, with FCOM values for v1, vr. I found 90% N1 was best after a few tries, then I lowered this to 84% to just manage to stay under 250kt until 10000ft, flying over 3000ft/min., then I let it accelerate till nearly 320kt (which is normal for this aircraft), but then, I had to lower my VS to as low as 400ft/min. To reach 34000ft more than 23 minutes after TO.
At cruise, power was at 82%N1…
Cool and amazing plane, but different from the others inded!

By which I mean it is soooo powerful at low altitude, but on the weak side at high ones.

Which differs from that description from a RL pilot :

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