THAT airport we all loved before Global - Singapore Region

Hey there! I have a fast question to my fellow IFC , i remember an airport in the Singapore/Malasia region pre-global that everyone loved to fly to. I can’t remember the name of it, but i do remember that it was close to the mountains and the approach was super-challenging and fun. Please help me identify this airport:)


WMBT/Pulau Tioman! I Love that airport


Yes, WMBT.
I spent quite some time there, doing crazy patterns, diving off the cliff, to try and do touch and goes on 02.

The new graphics of Gobal, have given us awesome high altitude graphics and views. At the same time, the graphics close around the airport have become less, and to me, it makes WMBT less ‘approachable’…


Ahh yes! Thank you to both of you! I loved flying to WMBT and the approach was difficult, but fun! I think i’m going to recreate a flight to WMBT now just for a little throwback from the old days:)

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KNUC on the Training Server. ‘Nuff said 😂😂😂


Hahah that was a real mess!! I loved it tho, brings back some great memories both these airports

Good times! Used to land every plane I could there! Somehow managed to land there with the a380. I still fly there sometimes, since I installed the earlier version on my phone (have the current in the tablet).

Haha must be pretty challenging landing an A380 there :p

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I still fly there in global lol.

KLAX was great, along with KNUC, but I’m not so sure about any other ones sorry. 🤷‍♂️

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I can’t fly in global as I don’t plan to buy any subscription soon.

Is not that hard though, the most challenging is just to line up with the runway, after that I just go around -400fpm (i know, ouch) and hit the runway in the very beggining

Ah the good o’l days, 25R KLAX - KNUC in an Emirates 777-300ER fresh from the Infinite flight factory

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We all loved KNUC haha! What a great memory of IF before global.

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Lol. when KSAN-KLAX was the ‘longest flight’ in the game XD


No, before global, I would do KONT-KSAN and KSAN-KONT XD

But instead of going over land, I took off from KONT, flew over KLAX and over the ocean for a few miles just before the end of the region and then turning toward KSAN. On descent, I would reenter land, turn back toward Runway 27, and then land.

So yeah. XD

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