Thankyou devs

I would Like to thank all the devs for all the hard work they are putting into this simulator every single day looking into bugs and whatnot. Allowing open beta and creating this wonderful community, there are some things I disagree on but I’m focusing on the positive right now, I mean look at this amazing fog.

People get impatient (myself included) but we have to know that developing ain’t easy.

Again Thankyou devs for this great creation

Sincerely, Juan


This needs to be viewed more. One of the great topics I’ve seen this morning!


Thankyou first topic like this I’ve made.


Juan this is a great topic. The devs definitely work really hard and I know we all get impatient with them sometimes but you if you think about it they are doing something really hard for the entire community. There needs to be more love for the devs than there is shown.


I will continue to send bug reports because I am apart of open beta though.


Yup that makes sense. We just need to show that we are grateful of what they are doing for the community even when we criticize things.

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