[THANKYOU] 5DEC21 / 1900Z - United Virtual | 4th Anniversary @ KIAD | Fly - In

United Virtual’s 4th Anniversary | Washington Dulles Fly-In!

We’re pleased to invite you to United Virtual’s 4th anniversary celebrations at Washington Dulles! Founded in December 5th 2017, United Virtual has survived through the years climbing higher and higher, seeking for more! We would like to celebrate our anniversary and transition to 2022, a year that will kick in full of changes and improvements to our airline. Join us with the celebration and bring pilots from all of the corners of the globe!

Washington Dulles International Airport | IAD

Washington Dulles is one of the three major airports in the larger Baltimore–Washington metropolitan area, the others being Reagan National Airport and Baltimore/Washington International Airport. Dulles is considered the region’s international air hub, with dozens of nonstop international flights. Dulles has the most international passenger traffic of any airport in the Mid-Atlantic outside the New York metropolitan area, including approximately 90% of the international passenger traffic in the Baltimore/Washington region. It had more than 20 million passenger enplanements every year from 2004 to 2019, with 24 million enplanements in 2019. On a typical day, more than 60,000 passengers pass through Dulles to and from more than 125 destinations around the world.

Sever: Expert Server
Airport: KIAD
Event Time: 2021-12-05T19:00:00Z

IFATC Coverage

ATIS - @Drew
Ground - @Drew
Tower - @Drew
Approach - @alberto_lopez
Departure - @alberto_lopez
Center - @Raze

To sign up:

In order to sign up your please use the following format:

Arrival Gate | Airline | Aircraft | Origin ICAO | Notes*

Notes → For VA sign ups, you guys have 4 main options when flying into KIAD:

• Flying United | Each pilot of your VA can select a different United route or the VA can organize a group flight.

• Flying with your colors or codeshares | Each pilot of your VA can select different routes that your VA database has into KIAD or the VA can organize a group flight.

• Flying any route | Each pilot of your VA can select any route of the ones displayed below or the VA can organize a group flight. (It doesn’t have to be a route/flight that your airline operates, it can be any of the displayed below)

• Normal participation | Sign up in the IFC public thread when it gets released, reserve any flight that they would like for the displayed routes.

More gates will be added in case of overflow. (Remote stands)

Concourse Z
Gate Airline Aircraft Origin ICAO Pilot
Z06 - - - - -
Z07 - - - - -
Z09 - - - - -
Z10 - - - - -
Remote Stand Z12 - - - - -
Concourse A
Gate Airline Aircraft Origin ICAO Pilot
01A United CRJ7 Grand Rapids KGRR @Deltadev13
01B United CRJ2 Scranton KAVP -
01C United CRJ2 Philadelphia KPHL -
01E United CRJ7 Portland KPWM -
01F United CRJ2 Charlottesville KCHO -
01G United CRJ2 Louisville KSDF -
02A United CRJ2 Myrtle Beach KMYR -
02B United CRJ2 Milwaukee KMKE -
02C United CRJ7 St. Louis KSTL @Robin3
02E United CRJ2 State College KUNV -
02F United CRJ2 Columbia KCAE -
02G United CRJ2 Roanoke KROA -
03A United CRJ7 Toronto CYYZ -
03B United CRJ2 Detroit KDTW -
03C United CRJ2 Dayton KDAY -
03E United CRJ2 Charleston KCHS -
03F United CRJ2 Greensboro KGSO -
03G United CRJ2 Allentown KABE -
04A United CRJ2 Akron KCAK -
04B United CRJ Syracuse KSYR -
04C United CRJ7 Indianapolis KIND -
04E United CRJ2 Montreal CYUL -
04F United CRJ2 Burlington KBTV -
05A United CRJ2 Colombus KCMH -
05B United CRJ7 La Guardia KLGA -
05E United CRJ2 Ottawa CYOW -
05F United CRJ7 Norfolk KORF -
06A United CRJ2 Wilmington KILM -
06B United CRJ7 Richmond KRIC -
06C United CRJ2 Manchester KMHT -
06E United CRJ7 Greenville/Spartanburg KGSP -
A14 Lufthansa A333 Frankfurt EDDF @Captain_Ry
A15 Icelandair B752 Keflavik BIKF @HerrMrSir
A19 Turkish B77W Istanbul LTFM @MiglMicheal
A23 Emirates A388 Dubai OMDB -
A24 SAS A333 Copenhagen EKCH @Gavin_Hinz
A26 Air France B77W Paris LFPG @Ecks_Dee
A31 Saudia B77W Jeddah OEJN @HUMVEE
A32 KLM A333 Amsterdam EHAM @Kostas_K
Concourse B
Gate Airline Aircraft Origin ICAO Pilot
B37 Lufthansa A359 Munich EDDM @Capt.SkyWalker
B40 American - - - AAVA Reserved
B41 Air India B788 Delhi VIDP @Captain_Dreamliner
B44 American B738 Los Angeles KLAX @americanboeing
B45 American CRJ9 Charlotte KCLT @TechOps
B48 American - - - AAVA Reserved
B49 Brussels Airlines A333 Brussels EBBR @T1MMY4L1F3_YT
B50 American B738 Dallas KDFW @True_Gamer_Moment
B62 American B738 Miami KMIA @Kbeemer
B63 American B738 Miami KMIA @PilotJordan
B64 American B738 Miami KMIA @Capt.Todd
B65 American - - - AAVA Reserved
B66 American B738 Los Angeles KLAX @GustyNoah
B67 Delta A321 Detroit KDTW @Apple_Haye
B70 Delta - - - DLVA Reserved
B71 Delta B738 Atlanta KATL @Mdoor
B72 Delta CRJ9 Detroit KDTW @MichaelMetaxas
B73 Delta - - - DLVA Reserved
B74 Delta E170 New York KJFK @travelingcornstalk
B75 Delta - - - DLVA Reserved
B76 Delta - - - DLVA Reserved
B78 Delta - - - DLVA Reserved
B79 Delta - - - DLVA Reserved
Concourse C
Gate Airline Aircraft Origin ICAO Pilot
C1 United B739 Las Vegas KLAS @Baba
C2 United B78X Brussels EBBR @Dylan.Winklosky
C3 United B763 Zurich LSZH @Captain_Trigger21
C4 United B789 Lagos DNMM @Kenneth_Natal
C5 United B763 London EGLL @Capt_SwagGu
C6 United B737 St. Marteen TNCM @MainSky
C7 United B763 San Francisco KSFO @Jumbo-Jan
C8 United B739 Orlando KMCO @Capt_Sam_R
C9 United B763 Honolulu PHNL @zrogravity
C11 United B739 Punta Cana MDPC -
C12 United B752 Orlando KMCO FRVA Reserved
C14 United B789 San Francisco KSFO @axquaxtic
C17 United B739 Denver KDEN @Daniel_Christensen
C18 United B752 Orlando KMCO @LorenzoBefumo
C19 United B752 Orlando KMCO @DavideBG_aviator
C20 United B752 Orlando KMCO @syncline
C22 United B752 Orlando KMCO @Luca
C23 United B752 Orlando KMCO @thesimulator_pilot
C24 United B752 Orlando KMCO @conorjl
C26 United B752 Orlando KMCO FRVA Reserved
C27 United B752 Orlando KMCO @Eugene_Leybovich
C28 United B738 Chicago KORD @windycityflyer
Concourse D
Gate Airline Aircraft Origin ICAO Pilot
D1 United B739 San Diego KSAN @Reid
D2 United A320 Las Vegas KLAS @Antoniobig25
D3 United B738 Phoenix KPHX @JBU173
D4 United B738 Seattle KSEA @T.Malone
D5 United B772 Los Angeles KLAX @dubya
D6 United B763 Houston KIAH @Aviation_lover737
D7 United B738 Miami KMIA @Daniel_Olivis1
D8 United A320 Dallas KDFW -
D9 United B739 San Juan TJSJ @Carlos_Camacho
D10 United B738 Austin KAUS @Person_Thatflys
D11 United B739 Orlando KMCO @Itz_planez
D12 United B737 Bradley KBDL @butter1
D13 United B738 Denver KDEN @Haramin
D14 United B739 Austin KAUS -
D15 United B739 Phoenix KPHX @314.jets
D16 United B738 Houston KIAH @Peanut_747
D17 United B739 Chicago KORD @Skinate
D18 United B763 Sao Paulo SBGR @Rafael_Rodrigues
D19 United B737 Newark KEWR @InfiniteFlightNewark
D20 United A320 Phoenix KPHX -
D21 United B738 Los Angeles KLAX -
D22 United A320 Chicago KORD -
D23 United B737 Boston KBOS -
D24 United A320 Boston KBOS -
D25 United A320 New Orleans KMSY -
D26 United B772 San Francisco KSFO @Gtmkm98
D27 United E170 Charleston KCHS @ChaseS
D28 United CRJ7 Colombus KCMH -
D29 United E170 Louisville KSDF -
D30 United A320 Fort Myers KRSW @CaptainE
D32 United CRJ7 St. Louis KSTL -
Cargo Apron
Gate Airline Aircraft Origin ICAO Pilot
Cargo Apron 01 FedEx MD-11F Memphis KMEM @DetroitAviationHD
Cargo Apron 02A UPSV MD-11F Louisville KSDF @Bobby_Burg
Cargo Apron 03 UPSV MD-11F Louisville KSDF @Ouzy
FedEx Apron
Gate Airline Aircraft Origin ICAO Pilot
FedEx Cargo Apron 01 FedEx MD11F Memphis KMEM @stick_thelanding
FedEx Cargo Apron 02 FedEx B77F Vancouver CYVR @Levi_Park
FedEx Cargo Apron 03 FedEx MD-11F Greensboro KGSO @Sidewinder74
FedEx Cargo Apron 04 FedEx MD11F Memphis KMEM @BurritoLeo
FedEx Cargo Apron 05 UPSV MD-11F Louisville KSDF @zand3r
FedEx Cargo Apron 06 UPSV MD-11F Louisville KSDF @Stoicgamer89
UPS Apron
Gate Airline Aircraft Origin ICAO Pilot
UPS Cargo Apron UPSV MD11F Louisville KSDF @karl_iszler
Remote Stands
Gate Airline Aircraft Origin ICAO Pilot
R03 Avianca A333 Bogotá SKBO @jxyd_xn
R05 Philippines A359 Manila RPLL @LesterXavier
R07 Avianca A333 Bogotá SKBO @MrAftonn
R09 Avianca A333 Bogotá SKBO @Matei_G
R11 Avianca A333 Bogotá SKBO @Teized
R12 UPS A332F Anchorage PANC @Skydriver900
R13 TAP B339 Lisbon LPPT @Filipe_Abrantes
R14 Avelo B738 New Haven KHVN @Mr_Young
R15 TAP A339 Lisbon LPPT @flybarroso
R16 TAP A339 Lisbon LPPT @MiguelB
R17 Avelo B738 New Haven KHVN @Flightistic
R19 Avelo B738 New Haven KHVN @Kaine_sugar
R22 Avelo B738 New Haven KHVN @Its_Zee
R24 Avelo B737 New Haven KHVN @Goldy
R26 Avelo B737 New Haven KHVN @anon36731834
R28 Avelo B737 New Haven KHVN @His_Majestys_Pilot

We would love to specially thanks the already confirmed VA’s / Event Partners assisting our anniversary celebrations:

Philippine Airlines


Requesting this route please:

Thank You!


i’ll take this :-)

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From Bogotá please, A330-300, Callsign is AVVA006

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I will take this gate please
Aircraft: MD-11F
Origin: Memphis
I am with FDXV

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I’ll take this spot

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I wanna join in

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Hi! I would like to get this gate on Avianca’s A320 from SKBO.

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United|B772|Tokyo|RJAA| UVAL216

Sign me up please!🙂 Thanks. From SKBO

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I would like to take this flight saudia 21 from oejn

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Could I get this gate please?

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I’ll like to have this on, AAVA 006… @AmericanVirtual

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D15 United B739 KPHX @UnitedVirtual

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|A26|Air France|B77W|Paris|LFPG

Can I get this route please?

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I’ll take FedEx Cargo Apron 04 in the MD11F from KMEM. I’m with FDXV.

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AAVA600 from KCLT. I’ll take any open American gate

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I’ll take this route KLAX to KIAD

Gate B44/ American/ B738/ KLAX/ I am with AAVA

Im with AAVA callsign American 364VA

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Aircraft type?

callsign: American 600VA

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