Thanksgiving arrival @ Chicago O’hare! 11.26.20

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

For this flight, I performed a redo of EVA’s RCTP-KORD route; this time with the Boeing 777-300ER! Taking off at 6:00PM CST (Chicago) from Taipei, I slept once I got to cruise which lasted about 13 hours & arriving at O’Hare around 8:15AM Thursday morning! Community member @DeltaMD88Fan in the EVA Cargo 777F picked the right time to taxi for a meet shot just as my wheels touched runway 28C! I love taking shots like this! 😍

And now it is time for me to get ready for my Thanksgiving feast now that I’m home! 😋🍴

Photo taken on the Expert server. Route: RCTP-KORD. Photo edited with Adobe Lightroom!


Beautiful photos cant wait to fly EVA air once i get my sub

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Great photo Andrew!

Now go enjoy your thanksgiving dinner!

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That photo is picture perfect! Well done! I like the EVA Cargo livery.

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