Thanks you so much IF community

Hello all of you,

Today I’ve reviewed my socials and all that stuff and realized you are:

297 members on my Airspace Academy Discord Server
200 members on my you tube channel
171 members on my twitch channel…
59 followers on my instagram

I want to take some time tonight to thank all of you!!



Hey @J-F_V you are so deserving of everything. You have supported so many people into learning everything there is to learn about infinite flight and aviation. You are such a humble and genuine character. I remember you from the very beginning of your career on infinite flight and I am proud to call you my friend. I hope to see your continued successes and can’t wait to see what you achieve in the future to come!

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Hello my dear friend!
Same for you I saw you fight back on life and still here and having fun with us!
It’s an honor and pleasure to count you on my friends list!

Pretty busy with an humanitarian trip I would like to be allowed to GoFunfMe here but unfortunately there’s rules I have to follow
Hope to be back on radar training after that!
Departure march 28


Appreciate the kinds word J. We will be here when you come back. You are doing a great thing!

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With the help of so many people!!

Life is good with me these days

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I won’t advertise my go fund me but hey I can post pictures of my cargo

Yup… that’s what I’m busy with these days

Ain’t nothing like helping others

PS.: I have authorizations and copyright agreements for the field pictures