Thanks. You rock

My subscription has run out. World is about to end. I can feel my heart stop beating. Gonna buy another live+ then ;)

But seriously: I can’t believe it’s a year already! It’s so awesome what this Simulator has become! At this point I just wanna say thanks to the FDS team for making such an awesome flight simulator and gathering such an awesome community! I’ve met so many nice people through IF and made so many friends!
Enjoy the 50 bucks I’m about to throw you!


Man it’s hard to understand you, you are going or coming? You saving up $50? Hold yourself up stop crying. Could you explain again?

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Not that hard, dude.

He says thank you to the FDS team for this awesome simulator. His Live+ subscription has run out and he is happy with the game so he is gonna buy another Live+ straight away hence the 50bucks he is throwing at 'em :D


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It’s been a year?! I thought the multiplayer update was only this Spring.

Man time flies

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Started August 2014 for Android

Alex is correct, Nik is sincerely thanking the FDS team for a great Sim.

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I was just pointing out. There’s is better way to say “I’m your loyal customer” yes some ppl like saying “take my money” some like to say “take my money I’m about to throw at you” it’s light hearted point I made. I wasn’t criticising his entire motive.

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