Thanks you, IF

Hey guys, this is a post of appreciation to the IF community. Im crazy. I started to play if on March. And this game is beautiful. Yesterday, on expert server SAEZ was the principal airport. On TS, its EGLL, JFK, LAX. Next day, EGLL, JFK, LAX. Next day, EGLL, JFK, LAX. But in expert, in everyday is a different airport. Its amazing. Im argentinian, and i am very complaced to the opportunity of Ezeiza. Thanks you IF, thanks you.
Oh, and one more thing. The map is amazing! Buenos Aires is beautiful. InfiniteFlight_2019-08-15-15-02-50 InfiniteFlight_2019-08-15-15-07-41 InfiniteFlight_2019-08-15-15-03-32 InfiniteFlight_2019-08-15-15-06-53


Infinite Flight is one amazing simulator.


Thanks for sharing! Those pictures are amazing.

I must say seeing stuff like this is incredibly encouraging for the team. We’ll keep working hard to improve and bring new features that push us closer and closer to the real thing! Appreciate you being with us.


Very nice. In the first one the a380 is in a hurry

Is that on ES? I see more than one collision on the screen…

Obviously! IF and you are the bests!

Yes, on SAEZ hahahah.

Hahahahaha yes!

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Infinite flight is truly a beautiful game😉

Great pictures and yes i think we all agree this is the best game around ✈️✈️😊😊

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