Thanks to the IFATC

Hi, i just finished my flight to Honolulu, Hawaii. Thanks to @Dylan_Bright . There was a lot of traffic! Also thanks to Henrik E, who saved me from crashing in the Kilaulea Volcano 🤪


Take example guys… it’s awesome when people say thank you to ATC. I hope you enjoyed flying and didn’t have too much of a delay!


Actually I did a flight that is 10 min long irl , but I stayed 32 mins on the air. But there were more than 100 planes inbound, so I understand

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You did a great job managing traffic and device issues @Dylan_Bright!


I appreciate the comment and hope you had a pleasant journey! Today’s ATC session was extremely difficult for me. Not because of the traffic, but because of the mass aircraft disappearing glitch. About 50% of the time, I couldn’t see anyone that was waiting for takeoff at runway 8L. Not a single aircraft. The massive line of aircraft would disappear and then reappear, only to disappear again. Because of this, it was challenging to clear any of these aircraft, and just to run the airport in general. In the end, I decided to close because this glitch with the game was preventing me from providing quality service.

It’s really quite unfortunate, because I know of many controllers and pilots alike that have this issue. The problem is so severe that it prevents many of us from enjoying our controlling sessions. Although the devs have been working on this problem for nearly six months now and believed they had found a slight fix that they put in this latest update, the problem has still not been fixed. Frankly, it’s not worth controlling at busy airports because of this glitch.

What the queue for takeoff at 8L was actually like (even a bit longer when I was controlling):

What I could see (Every single aircraft in line had disappeared):

At the very least, I’m glad that you had a great flight! Hope to see you again in the skies soon!


@Dylan_Bright Do you think it has something to do with your Wi-Fi?

It is not wifi, it always happens also to me. And i have a very good and fast connection

Interesting, never happened to me before. I guess it just happens when it wants to then. But hopefully IF fixes this soon :)

It happens to all controllers.

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But also to me. And im not IFATC

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