Thanks to the IF Staff

This thread is for Thanking the Developers

I understand, but I was always told not to tag the devs
‘They’re busy people!’

David said it’s ok

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not supposed to tag developers i thought but nice thought of course.

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Thanks devs your so helpful

Who are you talking to?

We should should bring this back everytime there is an update

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But there isnt an update for Infinite Flight now though


Yea but it’s coming! #globalflightonIF

Bring it back when the update has come! Deal?!


That would be bumping.

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Necroposting at its finest

I’d say this thread itself needs quite a lot of touch ups

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What do you mean @nat? will edit it but I have been looking for the last 22 days I don’t see anything wrong!!

Don’t bump the thread. Just wait until the next update to bump this thank you thread that was very considerable of your part!

I just don’t want it to get over 3 months and have it close on me so that’s why I keep bumbbng it

You bump it 22 days after the last post. You still had about 78 days:)

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But we don’t know when global Flight comes

So wait unit the 80 day before bumping the thread!

The fine art of necroposting…no one learns…anyway, this is a great app indeed.

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