Thanks to the IF Staff

Thank you Moderators, Staff of the forum that you for making it a safe place, thank you for making a place that everyone can share there opinion and ask for help.

Thank you so much for making the forum
And Joe
And others I forgot sorry theirs so many!😀😁😂😊

And I’m going to say thanks to anyone involved with Infinite Flight Simulator

ATC you do such a good job controlling the Airport
Pilots thank you for obeying ATC

Thanks for making a good Flight simulator I spent so much time looking for I Flight sim and I found the world’s best android and iOS Flight simulator

Thanks for having a large choice of Aviation and Scenery, and thanks for making it realistic and fun, thanks for having real Leverys and some nice Leverys in general.

Thank you Infinite Flight Simulator you will always have me as your costumer, and thank you developers for making the forum when someone needs help with Infinite Flight your here to answer their questions.

Thank you.

Please fell free to comment to thank the devs

Thanks to the VA CEOs you make IF even more fun to play
Thanks VADC for helping us chose the right FA
Thanks to the new translate team
Thanks to sketch flight and the to be anonced French Aviation Authority of Infinte flight
Thanks @Mark_Denton for making us cool event’s it’s a great learning experience for all


Dang @carmalonso look who was forgotten.

@Aernout is another mod, not many forums can say that one their mods is a real life a380 pilot ;)


Tyler, you are not forgotten I promise. @Tyler_Shelton


Also Philippe, he runs this place

And Dan but i don’t think he’s ever posted…

And @Swang007


And both “Nick’s”. The good & the bad… Now give me a few minutes while I scrape/dredge up a few more from the halls of infamy… Oh my… Let’s all sing Koomb buy Ya!


Might as well round the list out with @jasonrosewell who’s on hiatus.
And @Joe. But he’s unimportant so he’s last. 😂


Thank you. This all happens because you’re here. Thank you to all mods. You guys put up with a lot of crazy nonsense and help keep things orderly. You deserve to be appreciated and respected. If more people could assume positive intent like you…well…we wouldn’t need you. Haha.


Thank you David that very nice for anyone any place to see

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Should you even tag the devs?


I’m not sure

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This thread is for Thanking the Developers

I understand, but I was always told not to tag the devs
‘They’re busy people!’

David said it’s ok

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not supposed to tag developers i thought but nice thought of course.

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Thanks devs your so helpful

Who are you talking to?

We should should bring this back everytime there is an update

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But there isnt an update for Infinite Flight now though


Yea but it’s coming! #globalflightonIF

Bring it back when the update has come! Deal?!