Thanks to the Advanced Approach ATC at Stewart Intl today

Thanks for being so patient with me on Advanced today. I´m still not quite familiar with being vectored, and I forgot to use the flaps to fly slower than 180kts (thanks to me looking at different things at the same time).


About what time was this? I’m sure the controller on duty at the time appreciates those words. ;)

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I think it was between 21:30 and 11:30 zulu time.

What an outstanding post. Really makes you think as a controller to apply those few extra seconds of patience. It could be someone’s first encounter with ATC or a certain procedure. Great feedback!

Be sure to browse #tutorials to find some great material on every day procedures in IF.


I did browse the tutorials, I wasn´t going to enter Live blind. I printed “Taxiing and Approaching at Towered aiports” as my first help, then those procedures stuck into my brain.


Sigh, if only the nimrods in playground were like you…

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I still have my moments, almost got an overspeeding violation when descending to KONT, and I encountered myself face to face with aircraft on the taxiway. Needless to say, it was quite embarrasing to see that.

Really don’t worry, I often end up missing vectors with approach :-/


If you don’t understand any commands! Please be sure to PM after looking at all the #tutorials I will be happy to help sir! ;)

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