Thanks to controllers

IFATC are truly one of a kind volunteers, i looked for a non busy airport with a different ICAO code one i’ve never been to before and saw LJLJ was up, spawned in an @Matevz_Treven has been active for 15 hours, and i am sure others have been active for long periods of time at not so busy or known airports. But i’ll encourage anyone who sees this, take this day to fly from unknown airports, or too or even pattern work. So again thank you everyone for this amazing day with tons of frequencies open, have a good day


Matevz has been an absolute legend today.

Had similar expectations of @Flying_Pencil but 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️


Toilet: Am I a joke to you?


It truly is an impressive day!

@Matevz_Treven is trying for 24 hours at LJLJ.

Other notable mentions are:

@Aceorbit has been going for 7.5 hours at KMSP

@Darius_Glover has been going for 4.5 hours at KPHL.

That’s all that’s happening now, but a bunch of people were controlling upwards of 3 hours earlier.

This is truly a sight to behold!


I’ll be open until region change.


Matevz is an absolute madlad. i mean, i knew IFATCs will be more active, but this is just surreal. Props to him.

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Wow. IFATC is nuts. 24 hours?!

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Believe the record is 25 or 27 hours.

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How tho, the region change?

Think it was before global. So, during that time you use to be able to control with no region changes. Don’t quote me on that, but believe that was the case.

@Darius_Glover Well i’ll stop in at some point for pattern work if allowed :)

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all the ATC controllers are handling the increased demand of IF simulation seamelessly thank you!! Stay safe!! :)😀

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