Thanks Staff

I just wanted to take time out of my day to thank of all of the amazing infinite flight staff thank you for all your hard work in making custom buildings and 3-D airports as well as still having time to work on amazing aircraft you guys are truly amazing and I love the work you do it makes infinite flight feel so more alive with buildings and soon animated Jet Bridges as well as more aircraft being rework thank you for all your hard work


I couldn’t agree more for your lavish praise on IF staff & developers what they have done particularly in past 12 months with progressive positive new developments & better communications with the IFC @Ethan_Brown
It’s been phenomenal👌
There’s nothing I can add more than what you wrote in the opening statement. Exciting times are ahead for IFC.


It certainly is a time to offer praise, although I’d argue that it’s worthy any day of the week. The staff here put a monumental amount of work into the simulator.

It’s also worth making sure that we give credit appropriately, and it’s deserved by our fantastic 3D airport editing teams that put these fantastic airports together ☺️

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