Thanks Staff, Moderators, and Everyone Else

Ever since I joined in early September, I knew that I was going to enjoy my time around here. Everyone has been so helpful to me. I really enjoyed getting to know a few of you guys. The staff and moderators are not just the ones that are mean and like to boss people around, but actually care like the rest of us do for the simulator. This is a tiny message to every one of the IFC about helping me get into the groove.

Being New
Being a new person on the IFC is kinda hard when you first start, you really have to try hard to get into the rhythm of things. One of my most memorable experiences on the IFC was trying to figure out how to post a real-world aviation topic. I first tried to post an RWA topic in the general category. That got closed fast. I remember being a basic user having no idea what I was doing. I tried to make group flights, which never actually went that well.

Knowing My Way Around
After I knew what I was doing on the IFC, I started to make friends and do more topics. One of my first topics was about your favorite plane in IF. That topic almost got closed but now today has over 1.0k views and a heck of a lot of replies. I also remember my first group flight. Only three people showed up that I did not know, @LHardy64, @Diego320, and @KBUR_Aviation. Now today @LHardy64 and I are pretty close, we do a lot of flights together and are pretty competitive.

Thanks, Moderators, and Staff
I am really grateful for the moderators and staff, they have helped me so much through my time of being here. I don’t really appreciate it when my post gets closed, but if they put a really good reason for why it got closed, well then that is just fine with me. I enjoy looking at what they have to say at the bottom, if you have ever read a post that has gotten closed and they post at the bottom, there is a pretty good chance that they might continue their own conversation down below.

In The Future
In the future on the IFC, I hope that I can accomplish a lot of things. I worked hard every on Infinite Flight and on the Infinite Flight Community to help the basic users. I would like to be a regular soon, but not too soon. I would like maybe just maybe to become a moderator or a staff, but I do not feel like I’m ready yet. I’m currently working on becoming an IFATC officer, thanks to @Will_A for helping me, I would also like to thank @Shane and @Drummer for all the questions I throw at them

Thanks, IFC for helping me this “good” and bad year


Same thing really happened to me. I was new and didn’t really know much. But the people of this community can really be helpful towards you in any way you need help. Being nice and welcoming and forgiving. Its really what I’ve seen that makes IFC differ from the rest.


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