Thanks! I'm leaving IF

Thanks for this awesome community! Sadly you won’t be seeing me flying anymore on IF due to financial reasons. My year-subscribtion just ran out and I have no money to spend on IF. Thanks for all the good flights, memories and time we’ve spent togheter guys. Love ya’ll
Peace out


Sad to hear that Benni! Goodbye! We wish you to see again in skies!

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Goodbye, @spotterbenni! 👋

We will hope to see you come back anytime in the future.

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I know that we haven’t talked or flown much, but it’s been great having you here. And it’s sad to see you leave, but real life comes before IF. If you ever decide to return, we’ll be here for you. Best of luck on your future adventures, I’ll miss seeing you in the skies! 😥👋🏻

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Well goodbye hope to see you back flying in IF skies!

Farewell posts are generally a no-no. The gesture is, however, appreciated. :)

“At the San Francisco Airport” by Yvor Winters

This is the terminal, the break.

Beyond this point, on lines of air,

You take the way that you must take;

And I remain in light and stare—

In light, and nothing else, awake.