Thanks IF for this amazing year

I want to start by saying that for me this game has taught me a lot or at least the basics about aviation, I have also been able to interact with people from other countries with the same passion through the simulator and I have also found a great community such as IFC I think one of the least toxic at the video game level.

On the other hand I want to thank the developers who work very hard for the maintenance of the game and for having it fresh as a lettuce. They are a great team of great people I have not had the opportunity to meet them but they must be excellent. Also to add the great work they did this year, spectacular

  • The whole map in HD
  • Rework of C172
  • Improvement of the A320 series, A330 and TBM 930
  • New liveries
  • Adding the TBM 930, the A350 and the XCub
  • new navigation system
  • New interactive map
  • New UI for the pilot
  • New ATC interaction
  • And many more small details

If you forget something please add it.

For me in particular, it has been a great year with good changes and with a clear path for developers, the only thing that I do is emphasize the issue of climate but knowing the IFS team they will not put any type of weather on us and also I feel if it is very necessary are the taxi lights. I only have a little doubt.

Will there be any big changes in IFS in 2020?

to conclude thanking the moderators, regulators and among others for joining and protecting the IFC that is not an easy task and also for each user that makes this game unique

I hope you have a great Christmas and a spectacular new year with many flights and safe landings in addition to great updates next year.



We’ll put your nice mail under the tree 🌲 😊


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