Thanks Guys!

I just read the reviews for IF in the AppStore and everyone complained about how much money this is! The creators have to earn money some way! This is their job! But I would just like to say thank you to everyone out there because the creators have put so much effort into IF and the IF forums and community website. The planes in IF today are AMAZING! Never seen such good graphics on a mobile game before! And thanks to ANYONE who has helped me with IF (especially with landing planes!). I really appreciate. I now know how to land a plane very successfully in IF. Thanks EVEYONE!😄

Ps. Not trying to be a suck so I get more likes!😏


The complaints on the App Store make cringe so hard…


Yeah. This by far the best flight simulator on mobile devices!


Same thing here on Google Play store.

Unfortunately a lot of people don’t understand how software development works and that no one works for free :/


by … that far! thanks devs, you are so amazing

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the app store reviews are the same as the Facebook comments. Both are hilarious and need to get there heads around that the devs are making off this


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