Thanks for visiting West Africa

Hello all. I was lucky enough to be able to choose the ATC schedule for 19/02 and was really happy to see that there was a good amount of traffic in the day’s hubs, especially because they were airports that are often overlooked in IF.

Thanks to all my fellow IFATC members who opened local, approach and centre frequencies and all the pilots who fly to/around/from all the interesting airports in the region.

I should have taken a screenshot of DGAA from earlier in the day when it was crazy busy, to post here… but you can just imagine.


Well it would get busier after the next update. A lot more airports to be introduced. It would also be great to vote for the airline which runs routes all over West Africa…Asky Airlines

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Great idea, voted!

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I personally LOVE Dakar airport in Infinite Flight! I highly recommend flying the CDG-DSS route (Air France 777-200) or ATL-DSS route (Delta A330ceo).

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