Thanks for stealing one day of my live subscription

I purchased 1 month live subscription June 12 2015 around 10 PM EST. Right now its July 11 2015 11:30 PM EST. My point is i should still get live right up until July 12 not July 11. I should actually get it until July 12 at 10 PM EST. But instead you take off 1 day of the subscription. I should get a free day of live. I know this dosent sound like much but its worth enough to make a topic about it.

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I think I.F works on 30days period. Some month has 28 some has 29.30…if you count the days from June 12th till July 11th it works out 30days. If you have done July 13 at 1am then it’ll be 12th.

Febuary is 28 days.

Ok thats why

$5 divided by 28 = 0,18$… I support IF so you want me to transfer this to your account?


I think to simplify it, IF admin simply make the subscription expire at midnight, the date of the month before the date you purchased. Otherwise, you’d technically get a free day. It’s just bad luck you purchased it at 10pm

If you purchased on June 12, it should expire midnight July 11 theoretically. It shouldn’t expire on July 12 because then you’ve had an extra day.

I totally agree my subscription ran out a day before it was actually suppose go off. Infinite flight should do something about this than taking our money without live it up to its full potential

Plust taxes

Well stiill it expired early

Come on guys… If you buy a package of milk at 10pm do you also complain you lose one day on the expiration day compared to when you buy it at 10am??


How is this compared to mike

I mean milk

Ok you are right…

But to me it sounds like it all works correct how the expiration is counted as your month goes from the 12th until the 11th as on the 12th a new month starts not on the 13th… When you have a month with 31 days you probably get a cheaper daily rate then a month with 30 days.

Just to clarify, when you subscribe, you get 30 days from the date and time you subscribe - it’s a simple system (and fair, in my opinion) :smile:


It’s just one day no big deal… Sometimes life disappoints/misleads you (In this case) and you just have to move on.

Long live the DC-9!

What’s the callsign that you are using now? I can look up the exact dates.

@matt Change the description on the purchase subscription option from
Live multiplayer
Live weather
Air traffic control
Logbook syncronization
Live flight tracking” to
$4.99/30 days
Live multiplayer
Live weather
Air traffic control
Logbook syncronization
Live flight tracking” to avoid more confused users.


That is a good idea (or at least clarify in the subscription info below that it is for 30 days). This does seem to have caused some unnecessary confusion :)

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